Having a Wild Weekend –The Dave Clark Five

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Catch Us If You Can (1965) (released with the title Having a Wild Weekend in the U.S.) was the feature-film debut of director John Boorman. It was designed as a vehicle for pop band The Dave Clark Five, whose popularity at the time almost rivaled that of The Beatles, and named after their hit song “Catch Us If You Can”.

A1  Having A Wild Weekend

A2  New Kind Of Love

A3  Dum-Dee-Dee-Dum

A4  I Said I Was Sorry

A5  No Stopping

A6  Don’t Be Taken In

B1  Catch Us If You Can

B2  When I’m Alone

B3  If You Come Back

B4  Sweet Memories

B5  Don’t You Realize

B6  On The Move

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