Song “Feel For Me”

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Song “Feel For Me” by Bad Girls Dream – Vivians Online Boutique. Written by Brayton Scott & Mosh Fix. Published by Brayton Scott Entertainment©.




Song “Feel For Me”

Song “Feel For Me” – short shot


Feel For Me” by Bad Girls Dream


Was written by Brayton Scott & Mosh Fix (August 24th, 1965 to July 14th, 2013)

Brayton Scott describes the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ the Bad Girls Dream song “Feel For Me” was written, produced, and recorded.

The song was never meant to be sexist where it might indicate that a man is stronger than a woman. “Feel For Me” can be anyone, male or female, that is ready to take on the world, with the weight of their loved one on their shoulders. Sometimes, we just don’t know who we are fighting, so we must stick together, no matter what the circumstances, and get through it together.

Mosh had been strumming this riff that you hear in the beginning of the song, and I said, “That is deep. Lets go with that riff and turn this into something everyone can sing.”



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