“I Wanna Love You (alittle more)” by Bad Girls Dream

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I Wanna Love You (alittle more)” by Bad Girls Dream

Was written by Brayton Scott & Mosh Fix (August 24th, 1965 to July 14th, 2013)

Brayton Scott describes the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ the Bad Girls Dream song “I Wanna Love You (alittle more)” was written, produced, and recorded.

I have to admit that I was an avid fan of the 1987 Whitesnake release “Is this Love”. And I wasn’t the only one, it was number 2 in the US singles chart, making it their second biggest US hit after “Here I Go Again” which hit number 1. Well, when Mosh and I were writing ballads in early March of 1990, I turned to Mosh and said, I know Coverdale (the author of Whitesnakes “Is This Love”) was wondering if it was Love he was feeling, but I want to write a song about knowing your in Love, then you end up hurting that person your in Love with, so you want them back so you can Love them a little more.

Hence, the title “I Wanna Love You (alittle more)”  

Here is a sample of “I Wanna Love You (alittle more)” by Bad Girls Dream.


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